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liveWELL CQ has a Partnership Agreement signed by members that is reviewed annually. A governance diagram is currently being developed. To view or download the PDF file of our Partnership Agreement please click here.

Partnership Agreement


The  liveWELL CQ Partnership will, through collaboration and coordination, achieve better social and health outcomes for residents of Central Queensland.


liveWELL CQ will seek to support transformational change, provide coordination and encourage innovation within the health and human services sector across Central Queensland. The partnership will use the Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service region as a geographical boundary for practical purposes, but is not necessarily limited by such. The liveWELL CQ formal partnership will act as a forum for strategic consideration of whole of sector planning priorities, issue resolution and system analysis where warranted.


  • Equity, transparency and mutual benefit
  • Honesty, integrity and respect
  • Diversity and culture are valued.

Period of operation

The Partnership Agreement and performance of the partnership will be reviewed every 12 months.


To develop strong and enduring partnerships for the effective planning, design and delivery of sustainable initiatives, services and supports to achieve positive holistic health outcomes for the people and communities of Central Queensland including:

  • Workforce – develop shared strategies to address current and future workforce needs and shortages
  • Common client cohort – work together to develop coordinated strategies to address issues for a cohort of clients accessing multiple services
  • Social determinants of health – use the known social determinants of health to inform liveWELL CQ projects and partnership activities and promote inquiry into the determinants to encourage a deeper understanding of them by the broader community
  • Collective Impact – engage across the community to make systemic and long lasting change to improve health and life outcomes for all Central Queensland children
  • Best Practice Partnering – foster, promote, role model and facilitate innovative approaches to partnering. Build the capacity of liveWELL CQ/Central Queensland organisations to partner effectively through skills development and support partnering  practitioners in maintaining a community of practice where they can learn, share and innovate.

Member Responsibilities

  • actively participate in and contribute to the activities of liveWELL CQ (including consistent attendance at meetings and the briefing of a proxy)
  • undertake a ‘fair share’ of the tasks required to achieve agreed partnership goals
  • commit ‘inkind’ and financial resources consistent with their organisation’s capacity to contribute
  • enter into meaningful discussions with the partnership to progress aims and objectives
  • contribute a variety of effort, expertise and influence to enable liveWELL CQ to achieve its goals
  • communicate and promote the role and activities of the liveWELL CQ within their own organisations and across sectors
  • engage fully with liveWELL CQ correspondence/emails as appropriate and adequately prepare for meetings, and
  • participate in evaluation and review of liveWELL CQ’s activities, and the broader initiatives in which it engages.

Member Benefits

  • better social and health outcomes for clients through improved collaboration and coordination
  • enhanced ability to achieve individual organisation’s goals through the shared expertise and knowledge of the group
  • connection to a range of key primary health care and human services executives
  • access to influential industry leaders and the benefit of their collaborative effort
  • sponsorship badging at liveWELL CQ events and publications
  • partner participation in quality training and learning activities
  • a strong partnership supported by a qualified and accredited Partnership Broker
  • engagement with a broad range of consumers and communities through partners
  • support to innovate, position and cooperate in a changing industry environment
  • potential to advantage from new consortia delivery models or enhance existing methods through shared knowledge and experience
  • the opportunity to contribute to partnership priorities that are actioned and facilitated by our Partnership Broker.

Partnership Broker

liveWELL CQ recognise the value of having a Partnership Broker to act as facilitator of the partnering process. The liveWELL CQ Partnership Broker will support and strengthen the partnership by helping to initiate, develop, maintain, review, revise and support multi-stakeholder collaboration through a deep knowledge and understanding of what it takes to collaborate effectively.

Procedural guidelines

Appointment of a Chair

A Chairperson will be appointed annually by consensus of the members. The Chair may be reappointed if this is the consensus view of the membership.


Secretariat services will be undertaken by the organisation who employs the current Chair of liveWELL CQ.


The quorum is the Chair of the meeting (or nominee) plus 50% of members. Members may participate by tele-link or video conference or send a proxy with whom they register their view. Out of session matters for decision can be decided by flying minute, which still requires a quorum. Meeting agendas will be structured to enable partnership members to identify points for decision at any meeting.

Frequency/length of meetings 

Meetings will be held monthly for up to 2.5 hours (including 15 minutes networking time). Meetings may be extended by agreement, for example to undertake annual strategic planning. The venue and chairing of meetings will be rotated through members so all members can contribute. Working groups focusing on liveWELL CQ objectives will also be held.


The agenda will be distributed at least five (5) days prior to the meeting.


Minutes will be distributed within two (2) weeks of each meeting. The Partnership Broker is responsible for ensuring the minutes of the partnership’s meetings are taken, proofread and distributed to all members according to appropriate timelines. The minutes shall record issues raised and actions to be undertaken, who is responsible for taking those actions and deadlines. If a member so requests, the minutes shall also record that member’s differing views on any matter. The minutes should not be considered a verbatim record of the meetings discussions.

Meeting procedures

Meetings of the partnership will follow standard ‘good practice’ which includes, but is not limited to:

  • start at the scheduled time
  • remain focused on the task at hand
  • conduct open and frank discussions
  • ensue members each have equal opportunity to express views
  • the Chair will bring the meeting to order should a member attempt to dominate or derail consideration of an agenda item.

Attendance at meetings

Organisations make a commitment to liveWELL CQ by signing this Partnership Agreement. A  review  of membership by an organisation will be triggered when an organisation (the primary representative or their proxy) is absent without notice at three (3) consecutive meetings or fails to attend 75 per cent of meetings over any given 12 month period. Both organisational circumstances and the operations of the partnership will be considered in this review. The Partnership Broker, Chair and all members will take responsibility for contacting lapsed members regarding their involvement in liveWELL CQ.

Conduct of members

In meetings of liveWELL CQ and when otherwise involved in the business and activities of liveWELL CQ, members, to the best of their abilities are to:

  • act properly, honestly and in accordance with an open and transparent process
  • perform their functions impartially and in the best interests of the local and broader communities
  • be respectful to fellow members; and
  • refrain from any form of conduct which may cause any reasonable person unwarranted offence or embarrassment.

The Partnership Chair should bring any breach of these requirements to the attention of the member.

Disclosing conflicts of interest

Members must disclose any direct or indirect personal or material interest when an issue is being considered or about to be considered by the Partnership. A determination will be made as to whether this interest will conflict with the proper performance of the member’s duties. This disclosure is to occur as soon as practicable upon the member becoming aware of the possible conflict of interest. Any possible conflict of interest must be recorded in the minutes of the meeting. Unless liveWELL CQ otherwise directs, the member must not be present when the Partnership considers the issue; or take part in a decision of the partnership on the issue. Whilst liveWELL CQ may issue a directive allowing the member to remain and take part in discussions on the issue, the member is not to be present or influence the Partnership when the Partnership is coming to this position. If any areas of potential dispute arise, the issue will be referred to the Chair liveWELL CQ for consideration and decision.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of any dispute, claim, question, or disagreement arising from or relating to this agreement, partnership members shall use their best efforts to settle the dispute, claim, question, or disagreement. To this effect, they shall consult and negotiate with each other in good faith and, recognising their mutual interests, attempt to reach a just and equitable solution satisfactory to both parties.

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of this country and recognise their connection to land, wind, water and community. We pay our respect to them, their cultures, and to the Elders both past and present.