We foster, promote, role model and facilitate innovative approaches to partnering.

We build the capacity of liveWELL CQ/Central Queensland organisations to partner effectively through skills development and support partnering practitioners in maintaining a community of practice where they can learn, share and innovate.


Central Queensland have been leaders in the partnering field, since 2010, when the partnership commenced an intentional and comprehensive strategy towards building partnering capacity across the region.

Central Queensland now has 4 internationally accredited Partnership Brokers and over 150 professionals in the region who have completed the Dixon Partnering Essentials 2 day partnering skills workshop.

The Partnership has defined what partnership means to them and use the definition given by Dixon Partnering Solutions which says partnering is… a form of working relationship between different organisations or sectors who commit to working collaboratively to pursue a common purpose and who share the risks and benefits.

As well as a commonly agreed goal, all partnerships need guiding principles to hold them together. There are 3 internationally accepted partnering pillars which (if not followed) have been found to be at the heart of nearly every partnering problem experienced.  These principles are: Equity, Transparency and Mutual Benefit.  liveWELL CQ adheres to these three principles.

There are processes and protocols used at liveWELL CQ Meetings which encourage best practice partnering – these are role modeled by our Partnership Broker – READ THIS to understand why you would engage a Partnership Broker.


The Central Queensland Partnership Broker Community of Practice

liveWELL CQ has supported a Partnership Broker Community of Practice since 2011 – an informal group of professionals who work in the community, government, education and business sectors across Central Queensland.

Members have an interest in promoting the effective use of partnerships by organisations within and across these sectors to enhance the wellbeing and sustainability of our communities. The practice of organised partnership brokering is in its early days in Central Queensland, and members must have completed training in this area.

2015 Meeting dates:

  • Tuesday 2nd June.
  • Tuesday 4th August.
  • Tuesday 6th October.
  • Tuesday 1st December.

“There is common usage of the term ‘partnership’ but little evidence that there is a structured approach to, or understanding of, partnership development, implementation and maintenance”

CSRM Report to Qld Resources Council

Ian Dixon

I first met with members of liveWELL CQ in 2010 where we identified some shared interest around building partnering capacity.  It has been my privilege to since offer Partnering Essentials™ Training to over 150 people across Central Queensland and to train their Partnership Brokers through the Partnership Brokers Association (PBA) based in the UK.

As a strategic partnering specialist I can say that Central Queensland is a true leader in the field… in building partnering capacity, in developing a common language around partnering and in supporting their practitioners in the continuous and reflective learning process necessary to broker partnerships and get results.

Ian Dixon, Dixon Partnering Solutions

Why playing with friends makes it better

The Community of Practice have presented at a number of forums including the Workforce Council Conference in 2012. Please click on the button to see the presentation given by Victoria Homer, Justin Power and Roxanne Hodda

peer suppoort for partnering in Central Queensland

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of this country and recognise their connection to land, wind, water and community. We pay our respect to them, their cultures, and to the Elders both past and present.